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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


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It's never been a more important time to develop a wellness practice that runs itself so you can have both time and financial freedom

And you need the right team that's going to get you there

Ultimately it's about getting your practice

scalable and saleable

Are you trapped, too busy working IN rather than ON your business?

Have you bought yourself an expensive job?

Are your systems inefficient or non-existent?

Are you too busy consulting and trying to run the practice rather than creating systems so that others can do the job for you?

You have a small team however, your team coherence, systems and communications are not working causing you to micro-manage, not only undermining your team but taking more of your valuable time and real expertise.

Do you have a clear vision and a strategic plan for growth or are you operating on a wing and a prayer?

Struggling to find the right Practitioners, the right Reception and the right Management team?

Are you caught in an endless loop of hiring and firing?

It’s time for change!

The question is are you going to be the driving force or be dragged under and lose your dream?

The focus of the 12 Keys event is to support and educate multi-modality, inter-disciplinary health practice owners just like you to build the wellness practice of your dreams.

You can build a team of ‘A’ Grade practitioners who share this goal and grow your business for you leaving you free to keep creating an expanding personally and professionally.

Your practice can be the bridge between medicine and complimentary or allied healthcare practices and be the shining light into a truly wholistic, synergistic and dynamic model.

12 Keys does not...

...focus on any single modality but rather, on the creation of wellness teams working together to grow exponentially and leverage results for practitioners, support staff, clients and you the owner.

...does not just talk about an office procedure manual, but helps you develop and impliment robust systems, inspired team and empowered marketing practices so that you can help move the world to wellness.

...does not use un-tested systems but the instead is based on 30 years of in-practice experience within a multi-disciplinary clinic. Our models empower you to develop a business that works for you.

So I invite you to join me and the Inter-disciplinary, wellness movement and build a clinic that not only serves you, your clients, but your whole community.


Full day FULL ON


The Intranet Engine SYSTEM

Learn how to design and implement Systems and Procedures


The Avatar Avalanch SYSTEM

Learn how to recruit, motivate and train your team; attract, manage and retain more Clients


The Practice Analysis SYSTEM

Know which statistics to look at and how to interpret them



Start the way you want to finish. Get clear on your destination and make every decision based on where you want to end up, not where your are


The Practice Leverage Revolution 

Create a scaleable and saleable practice where you get to choose your endgame


I highly recommend Andrew and his program. It has changed me and my practice in ways I could not have dreamed... In less than 2 months!
Cheers to the vision! Thanks Andrew.

Dr. Carla Wrenn, Naturopath, Penisula Herbal Dispensary, Mornington, Australia

You have had an enormous impact on my thinking and outlook. I was in a fairly dark place when we met: I really couldn’t see any way out. I was completely paralysed by my work life and felt quite stupid for being so stuck. Now, while I’m still incredibly daunted by the job ahead of me, you have helped transform the way I have begun to think about my business. As a result I feel a lot more positive, and I’m extremely grateful for that. I could not have done that without your help: thank you.

Karen Walter – Speech Pathologist, ExtraED, Melbourne, Australia.

I got so much more out of the program than just an increase in patient numbers. Andrew is an amazing mentor (is coach a better word?) that listens and provide solutions to your needs in practice and in life. I am very happy to be coached and would recommend this program to everybody.


Dr. Kaye Cheong - Chiropractor, Malaysia.

I have had far more confidence in all aspects of my practice. This has been evident in the number of clients which has increased steadily particularly as I become more proficient in the steps Andrew has shown me. Dr. Andrew is not only experienced and very successful as a Chiropractor, he is also very empathic. If you are looking for a guide in your practice, I’m sure Andrew is the person for you. 

Dr Joe Cho, Chiropractor, Cranbourne Family Chiropractic & Wellness Ctr, Melbourne, Australia.

I worked with Dr Andrew Arnold to Kickstart my 2016. The results spoke for themselves. Our 4 week client average crept up to 400 clients and our gross income went up an additional $5000 over those three months. At the end of that time we had to implement significant staff changes and our lease was cancelled on us so we had to rapidly find new offices. Although our numbers took a dive for the next three months, within 5 weeks at the new location we are back even better than where we were in April. Thanks Again to Dr Andrew Arnold and I certainly appreciated his help in transitioning our business into what it is today!


Dr. James Staciwa, Chiropractor, Transitions Chiropractic, Sydney, Australia.

Andrew has been mentoring me regarding reviewing my business systems and processes in my naturopathy practice. I have been in my business for many years and have existing systems in place. What Andrew has done is help me identify where I needed to improve and where I needed to refine. This has helped me see my clinic with new eyes and invigorated my energy and passion. For these reasons I highly recommend Andrew Arnold to anyone wanting to grow and build an amazing wellness business. Thank you Andrew for your knowledge, compassion and understanding and giving me a direction to move forward.

Diedre Ellis Naturopath, Colon hydrotherapist  Naturally Dynamic Health Albury NSW


Join us LIVE where we will unpack


The truth about the wellness marketplace


How to move from pain to pleasure in your life and practice


How to attract a Grade A team using our proven 'Avatar Avalanche' 


Learn key leadership strategies to help you lead, inspire and reward your team


Get introduced to our proven 'Practice Analysis'  and get clear on exactly what stats to look for


Learn the 10 most common mistakes made by practice owners, and how to overcome them


Find out how our 'Intranet Engine' can help you create an online office procedure manual


Learn the 'DREEM CIRCLE'  Model and start designing your DREEM



Be Bruce Lee and create your own 'DEFINITE CHIEF AIM'


Join our huge Facebook allied health community and gain access to a global resource of wellness practitioners already on this journey


After nearly 30 years in practice I've identified the gaps in running and growing successful inter-disciplinary wellness clinics.

I’ve been in private practice since 1989, as a Naturopath, Remedial Massage Therapist and Chiropractor. I’ve rented, paid commission, contracted and been employed. I've been a practice owner since 1998 so I know the space from both sides. Before all of that I worked

in the medical arena for almost 10 years, in theatres, hospital wards, nursing homes, retirement villages and disability centres.


It’s tough being in business. I have experienced the highs and lows many times, been emotionally taken to the wall, had my business impact every aspect of my life in a negative way and then come back from it stronger and with a more passionate vision for contribution than ever. Now it’s time to share what I have learned.


To support 10,000 allied health practices to build, grow and thrive.

To create balance between access to western medical and allied health practices

in our global communities.


So now it’s time for a change!



7 REASONS #1.jpg

7 reasons why practice owners don't have a successful Multi-practitioner Health Practice and what you can do to change that

Learn how...

to build a multi-inter-disciplinary allied health practice?


to attract grade A practitioners and staff aligned with my vision?

to create your ideal practice?

to get clear on what your ideal practice is?

to know how to leverage your practice, replace you, so you can work more ON your business rather than IN your business?

to get empowered, supported and inspired. Find out how to create a viable, sustainable, and leveraged million dollar allied health practice.

to create your Avatars so you get the right team.

++ $47 BONUS OFFER #2

6 Ways to avoid getting the wrong team so you can get your practice on your right track

                                                              Find out how to...


Create a powerful brand thru your team and services.


Create team harmony thru a positive recruitment process.


Outsource your own HUMAN RESOURCE team.


Create efficiency leading to a leveraged income


Learn how to avoid micro-managing and redefine'control' in your practice.


Build a teachable and coachable team that can  elevate to where you want to take your practice.

6 ways #2.jpg

+++ $29.95 BONUS OFFER #3

Get you copy of Dr. Linda Wilson’s book, ‘Stress Made Easy with every registration VALUED AT $29.95

This book is an honest exposé of the author's journey through stress, anxiety and overwhelm. Using cutting edge research to support ancient knowledge, it reveals a deeply compassionate perspective on stress and offers proven and surprisingly simple ways to dramatically improve your day-to-day experience.

Understand the causes of negative behaviours


Learn how and why stress triggers are created and how to change your response

Learn the unique and powerful 5 Step Process to improve your quality of life

Easy and enjoyable to read

Personal anecdotes and real life case studies bring this fascinating book to life

Get control back of your life


Bring your practice manager,

or one of your team members and
Share the magic.
When you register your ticket by clicking on the BOOK NOW button below, you'll automatically be able to register a free ticket for a friend valued at $297, on us!